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The main activity of Limited Liability Company Mehanicheskiy zavod «Kalyazinskiy» is production of oil-field and drilling equipment. The plant has own research and productive base which oriented to development of modern equipment and tools dedicated for drilling and well repairing works.

Currently, Mehanicheskiy zavod Kalyazinskiy evolves in following directions:

  • engineering and production of mobile drilling rigs and oil service rigs with load bearing capacity up to 125 tons;

  • development and production of pipe handling equipment;

  • development and production of lifting equipment for odd works mechanization;

  • engineering and production of supplementary drilling equipment;

  • engineering and production of boring pumps with hydraulic drive and appropriate pumping units;

  • engineering of variable frequency drives and induction motors for drilling equipment drives;

  • Engineering and production of nonstandard equipment in concordance with technical design specification of consumer;

Mehanicheskiy zavod Kalyazinskiy persistently expands product range and improves quality of products and successfully competes with similar manufacturers.

Production and quality

Mehanicheskiy zavod Kalyazinskiy has a manufacturing facility with potential for a further expansion of production. Own manufacturing capabilities steady improve to meet the needs of production of most sophisticated equipment.

Materials, units and aggregates are subject of controll and testing at all stages of production. It means incoming control, ultrasonic and radioscopic flaw detection, magnetic test, microanalysis, pressure testing, static and impact testing at respective production stages.

Staff of the plant consist of more than three hundred people, which compound following departments:

  • engineering and design department - brain center engaged in development of new samples of equipment in corresponding directions and improvement of existent developments;

  • industrial departments (division of procurement, machining department, arc and gas welding area, thermal treatment division, plasma cutting division, assembly shop, paint application department, woodworking devision);

  • quality control department;

  • testing laboratory for advanced research and batch production testing;

  • marketing department;

  • patent license department.

Strong qualifications and wide experience of our team ensure high production quality. Developed by Mehanicheskiy zavod Kalyazinskiy equipment proves to be reliable and high-efficient with high service durability and easy maintenance. Therefore our production meets high standards gas-and-oil producing industry.

Shipping and service

Convenient geographical situation of Mehanicheskiy zavod Kalyazinskiy allows to implement shipping of fabricated production by any mode of transportation and deliver equipment to every region of Russia, CIS countries and abroad. Geography of our production supply is constantly expanding and as of today, practically covers vast majority of oil-and-gas regions.

Our Company provides guarantee and service maintenance. As appropriate, plant carries out contract supervision and strating-up works, engineering and technical maintenance at start-up period. Consumers personnel training is possible on certain conditions.

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